Technical Update – Aug 22 – 2019
Due to a Windows server update you may receive “false’ alarm messages from fridges and temperature sensors.
Please ignore this but also check on your pages that your temperatures are okay via the 24-hour button Record. 

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Welcome to PharmaSlave – the cost effective and easy way to comply
with the requirements of measuring and logging temperatures in your pharmacy.
Are you tired of manually recording temperatures in your fridge and pharmacy? Worried that your records aren’t to up to date? Tired of plugging and unplugging data loggers?
PharmaSlave – works away constantly recording temperatures to your own password protected webpage. PharmaSlave is very simple to install and run – 
PharmaSlave will send you a text and e-mail should your temperature readings deviate from set parameters. It is monitoring your stock 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and presents the data in a very clear format should you require it when the Inspector visits.


take the slogging out of logging
Temperature Readings

Take your temperature readings automatically up to four times an hour. 


Print out your temperature reports daily, weekly or monthly. All available online.


Get text and e-mails if temperatures deviate from set parameters. 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Easy to install

because it is wireless, plug and play unit. Just plug it in and register the unique ID to start.

Regulatory Compliance

Complies with all the Pharmaceutical Society guidelines on storage of medicines.Also HSE and IMB requirements met and exceeded.


Future Proof

PharmaSlave will upgrade your units to meet new requirements if ever needed.

WHY PharmaSlave ?

Because it save you time and means that no matter what you will be compliant with whatever the requirements are now or in the future as V V S will upgrade the system as required/ when required.


Simple to install – plugs into your broadband router and each sensor is a wireless battery operated device working up to 10 meters away from the inernet connected Pharmaslave Information device ( PID ) 

Back Up 

We are an Irish company and are both the designers and manufacturers of the equipment.We are therfore in a position to deal with any issues that may arise and make sure that you are compliant with the myriad of requirements that are relevant today.

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Designed by Irish Pharmacists for irish Pharmacists. To comply with irish Pharmacy regulations. That means we re tuned into whats required and can change it ( as we have done in the past ) to meet the latest requirements as they become known.Saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind. 


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We got a call from a Busy Dublin based Doctor a year ago – they had had a most unfortunate event. There fridge had gone faulty and the person who took the temps twice per day had just gone on holiday.No one noticed ! and the Doctor after some two weeks discovered the issue. The Doctor made a very coreect decision and called back some 40 patients to be re vaccinated ! SurgeryWatch then came about as a very important product for surgeries countrywide.

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Fridge Guardian

Food and the recording of temperatures  in fridges is a major concern for anyone in the food business. Haccp and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland require that twice per day temperatures are recorded.This is labour intensive and costly – until now – V V V s have developed a entirely new sensor for monitoring  fridges and cold rooms.Battery operated – logs the temperatures many times per day and you can access the temperture recordings from any smart phone or PC in one touch. We Guarantee to save you time and money if you use our product or you money back !  

Oh and by the way – we rent the sensors – you dont even have to buy them- contact Peter 0872558510.

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Want to find out more? Call us Now

087 2558510


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    “We ve been using the PharmaSlave product for 3 years now- and its saved us time and money – time being the most important aspect- as Pharmacists we really have a lot to do in a day and noting temperatures twice per day is nt really good use of my time or indeed my colleagues here”

    PB Pharmacist – Ballsbridge 
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    We ve recently put PharmaSlave in and we use it in our Robot as well as in the Stock rooms and our Fridges – Its saving us a lot of time. Our pharmacy is large and it did require assistance from V V S to install it because of this. We are now very pleased and its another job thats done for us every day twice per day. 

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    “We ve just had a number of  Fridge Sentry sensors installed in our fridges here in the Restaurant – we have a 16 fridges in total – before this we were taking between two to three hours per day to note temps for HACCP requirements.This is what it takes ! With Fridge Sentry its all done for us and we get a printout for our records each day – and we get this by simply clicking on one button!

    CDJ Chris Monkstown 



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Welcome to PharmaSlave – the cost effective and easy way to comply with the requirements of measuring and logging temperatures in your pharmacy.
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